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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Field Hockey Community Coaching Course

FHNS is going to be running a Community Coaching course in conjunction with Field Hockey Canada.  Ann Duggett from Field Hockey Canada and Janet Heppell will be running the course. This course would provide you with a great intro into coaching whether you have experience or not.

The course is 8 hours in total and will be run during 2 evenings (June 27th and July 4th).  It involves some time in the classroom and on  the turf. There are a couple of prerequisites to the course that can be taken on your own.  I can assist you with setting this up.

1. Making Ethical Decisions - is being offered on Tuesday, May 31st.  To go this link to register:https://thelocker.coach.ca/event/registration/1273

2. Making Headway in Sport (about concussions) - is done online at no cost.

3. Fundamental Movement Skills - date/time is yet to be determined.  Sport NS is in the process of arranging a course for FH participants.

Please contact Pat Thompson (pthompson@sportnovascotia.ca) and Janet Heppell (jheppell@eastlink.ca) if you are interested.

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