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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Halifax Andrews Team Wins Atlantic Cup

The annual Atlantic Cup Field Hockey Tournament 2016 was held this weekend at Saint Mary’s University Turf in Halifax. The Final saw the Halifax Andrews Team defeat the Outaouais Club from Ottawa by 2-0 with goals from Shane Rajaraman and Mike Bonin.  Scott Colbourne was the Goal Keeper with the Shut Out. 

Pool Stats:

Andrews 3-0 Privateers Saracens

Outaouais 3-1 Panthers

Privateers Angus Family 2-1 Privateers Saracens

Andrews 3-0 Outaouais

Panthers 2-2 Privateers Saracens

Privateers Angus Family 3-2 Outaouais

Andrews 5-1 Panthers

Andrews 0-0 Privateers Angus Family

Outaouais 4-0 Privateers Saracens

Privateers Angus Family 5-0 Panthers


Andrews 6-1 Privateers Saracens

Andrews goals: Shane Rajaraman-3, Drew Rajaraman-1, Andy Townsend-1, Steven Andrews-1

Privateers Saracens goal: Corey Babiak-1


Outaouais 1-0 Privateers Angus Family

Outaouais goal: Jeff Dornan-1

Outaouais shut out: Megan Suitor-1


Andrews 2-0 Outaouais

Andrews goals: Shane Rajaraman-1, Mike Bonin-1

Andrews shut out: Scott Colbourne-1

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