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Friday, August 18, 2017

Competition Introduction Coaching Course

Field Hockey Nova Scotia is looking at hosting a Competition Introduction Field Hockey Coaching Course in the fall.  This course is ideal for coaches working with competitive high school and university aged athletes. This course is open to all coaches and individuals looking to learn more about coaching and teaching field hockey principles.   The coaching course will take place over a TBD weekend in the fall, and we are looking at gaining facility use in Truro, NS.  The course will be facilitated by Janet Heppell and the cost of the course will determined based on the cost of the facility. 

At this point we are gauging interest in the course, if you have interest in possibly participating in this coaching course please email Janet Heppell: jheppell@eastlink.ca and FHNS: info@fieldhockey.ns.ca to express interest and/or reserve a spot.

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